Paweł Bernatowicz

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INTRODUCTION Obesity can be an additional risk factor for developing cardiovascular diseases in patients with diabetes. Aim of the study was the assessment of overweight, obesity and other elements of the metabolic syndrome in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus. MATERIAL AND METHODS 300 children treated with insulin at least one year were enrolled in(More)
INTRODUCTION The presence of obesity and the features of metabolic syndrome plays a predictive role in cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in adults. It seems reasonable to seek new risk factors in the development of CVD. Defining the genetic background of obesity could help to select patients from a high risk group and help to introduce prevention and treatment,(More)
The objective was to compare the impact of clinical and genetic factors on body mass index (BMI) in children with type 1 diabetes (T1DM) without severe obesity. A total of 1,119 children with T1DM (aged 4-18 years) were qualified to take part in the study. All children were genotyped for variants of FTO, MC4R, INSIG2, FASN, NPC1, PTER, SIRT1, MAF, IRT1, and(More)
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