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Image Fusion is a technique of combining the useful information from a set of images into a single image, where the output fused image will be more informative and useful than any of the input images. Image fusion techniques can improve the quality and increase the application area of these data. This research paper compares the experimental results(More)
It has been observed that the design and development of the software is usually not carried out keeping in mind the satisfaction level of user, software cost and problems encountered during usage. The user satisfaction level may depend upon parameters including software exploration SE, software quality satisfaction level SQ, software cost SC, problems(More)
Video stream is one the best methods for detection of object motion. Different movement of objects of interest can be analyzed via video. Detection of change or content variation in a video is useful for background modeling, object tracking, detection of specific motion patterns etc. Effect of external forces on different objects and object path analysis(More)
Text detection and segmentation is an important prerequisite for many content based image analysis tasks. The paper proposes a novel text extraction and character segmentation algorithm using Maximally Stable Extremal Regions as basic letter candidates. These regions are then subjected to thresholding and thereafter various connected components are(More)
Eye gaze is either the gaze direction or the point of gaze of an eye relative to the head to determine a person's line of sight or point of fixation. Gaze based input is processed to initiate different commands remotely in computing systems to provide ease of use, low cost, speedy and safer interaction. For detecting gaze basically the position of a user's(More)
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