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– Manual collection of data is very difficult & time consuming task and may be infeasible if the data terminals (nodes) are unreachable. Therefore, a wireless update mechanism is needed. The mentioned task is achieved by using Wireless sensor network. Wireless sensor networks (WSN) applications include geophysical/structural/habitat monitoring, security,(More)
Portfolio optimization based on the behavior and risk appetite of the heterogeneous investor community in financial markets has been very difficult to model and predict accurately. In this paper, firstly we attempt to simulate a multi-agent based stock market; where different types of agents are modeled to trade stocks using various strategies. The(More)
This paper shows a method for optimization of CHB inverter's harmonic performance under Selective Harmonic Elimination Pulse Width Modulation (SHEPWM) control. The optimization techniques are used for solving the set of non-linear transcendental trigonometrical equations. SHE is implemented to reduce the THD value. The set of non-linear equation is(More)
Parasitic infections are most widespread among humans. The present study deals with a review on plant seeds which have been scientifically evaluated for in-vitro anthelmintic activity for supporting their folklore use as traditional medicine. There are 30 plant seeds so far have been reported for the in-vitro anthelmintic activity. The families of the(More)
The maximum loading of the transmission lines depends upon various limits. These are related to the environmental conditions, length of the line and various stability related issues. The VAR plays important role in maximising the power transfer through a transmission line. The FACTS Controllers have a major part to play in the VAR Management, in order to(More)
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