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The Chir Pine, Pinus roxburghii, named after William Roxburgh, is a pine native to the Himalaya. Pinus roxburghii Sarg. (Pinaceae) is traditionally used for several medicinal purposes in India. As the oil of the plant is extensively used in number of herbal preparation for curing inflammatory disorders, the present study was undertaken to assess analgesic(More)
A new series of 1-(4-aminosulfonylphenyl)-3,5-diaryl pyrazolines (5) was synthesized by the reaction of appropriate chalcones 3 with 4-hydrazinobenzenesulfonamide hydrochloride (4) in ethanol in the presence of catalytic amount of acetic acid. All newly synthesized compounds were in vivo evaluated for their antiinflammatory activity using(More)
The present article describes the synthesis of two novel series of thiosemicarbazones 3 and thiazolylhydrazinomethylidenepyrazoles 5. All the newly synthesized target compounds (3a–e and 5a–o) were screened for their in vivo anti-inflammatory (AI) activity using carrageenan-induced rat paw edema assay and in vitro antibacterial activity against two(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the anticonvulsant activity of alcoholic extract of bark of Pinus roxburghii Sarg. (AEPR) used in Indian traditional medicine system in treating convulsion. METHODS Anticonvulsant activity was evaluated by maximal electroshock (MES) and pentylenetetrazole (PTZ)-induced seizures in Wistar albino rats. In the MES model, 150 mA current for(More)
A novel series of heteroaromatic analogues of known anti-inflammatory (AI) drug celecoxib replacing the benzenesulfonamide moiety with 6-sulfonamidobenzothiazol-2-yl moiety was synthesized. Regioselective synthesis of the target compounds 2a–i having 1,5-diaryl relationship was achieved by exploring reaction conditions. All the newly synthesized compounds(More)
The present study attempts to establish a relationship between ethnopharmacological claims and bioactive constituents present in Pinus roxburghii against all possible targets for diabetes through molecular docking and to develop a pharmacophore model for the active target. The process of molecular docking involves study of different bonding modes of one(More)
Two novel series of pyrazolylpyrazolines (4a–i and 5a–i) bearing benzenesulfonamide moiety at position-1 of pyrazole were synthesized by the reaction of appropriate chalcones (3a–i) with hydrazine hydrate or 4-hydrazinobenzenesulfonamide hydrochloride in refluxing ethanol/THF containing catalytic amount of acetic acid. All the newly synthesized target(More)
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