Pawan Gopalkrishnan

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OBJECTIVES To examine the effect of varying frequency, intensity, and pulse duration of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) on primary hyperalgesia (increased response to a noxious stimuli) to heat and mechanical stimuli induced by carrageenan paw inflammation in rats. DESIGN Inflammation was induced by injection of 3% carrageenan into the(More)
In earlier research we identified the start of the growth turnaround in the late 1980s. This is consistent with the pattern of (particularly trade) policy liberalisation at the time. Since then there has been a remarkable improvement in per capita incomes. But a puzzle remains. The change in policy should have had a symmetric effect across India. Yet the(More)
The evolution of the drop-size distribution in immiscible fluid mixtures following well-specified shear histories is investigated by in situ microscopy, allowing determination of the shear-induced coalescence efficiency epsilon. At small capillary number Ca, epsilon is constant, whereas at larger values of Ca, epsilon decreases, in agreement with theory(More)
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