Pawan Dhar

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Modelling and simulation of complex cellular transactions involve development of platforms that understand diverse mathematical representations and are capable of handling large backend computations. Grid Cellware, an integrated modelling and simulation tool, has been developed to precisely address these niche requirements of the modelling community. Grid(More)
Mathematical modeling is a powerful approach for understanding the complexity of biological systems. Recently, several successful attempts have been made for simulating complex biological processes like metabolic pathways, gene regulatory networks and cell signaling pathways. The pathway models have not only generated experimentally verifiable hypothesis(More)
UNLABELLED The intracellular environment of a cell hosts a wide variety of enzymatic reactions, diffusion events, molecular binding, polymerization and metabolic channeling. To transform these biological events into a computational framework, distinct modeling strategies are required. While currently no tool is capable of capturing all these events,(More)
BACKGROUND Many arrhythmias are triggered by abnormal electrical activity at the ionic channel and cell level, and then evolve spatio-temporally within the heart. To understand arrhythmias better and to diagnose them more precisely by their ECG waveforms, a whole-heart model is required to explore the association between the massively parallel activities at(More)
The apparently paradoxical lack of correlation between the huge increase in the discovery of new potential drug targets made possible by the post-genomic sciences and new drugs development has stimulated many different interpretations. Here we illustrate the general principle of redundancy of biological pathways on hand of simplified mathematical approaches(More)
BACKGROUND The behaviors of cells in metazoans are context dependent, thus large-scale multi-cellular modeling is often necessary, for which cellular automata are natural candidates. Two related issues are involved in cellular automata based multi-cellular modeling: how to introduce differential equation based quantitative computing to precisely describe(More)
Cytokinesis is the last ritual of a dividing cell. Determining the position and horizon of the cell furrow is important for equal distribution of cytoplasmic content between the two daughter cells. The traditional view promotes a classical sequence of bipolar spindle formation followed by cytokinesis. However, a new understanding has recently emerged that(More)
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