Pawan Dhar

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Mathematical modeling is a powerful approach for understanding the complexity of biological systems. Recently, several successful attempts have been made for simulating complex biological processes like metabolic pathways, gene regulatory networks and cell signaling pathways. The pathway models have not only generated experimentally verifiable hypothesis(More)
Modelling and simulation of complex cellular transactions involve development of platforms that understand diverse mathematical representations and are capable of handling large backend computations. Grid Cellware, an integrated modelling and simulation tool, has been developed to precisely address these niche requirements of the modelling community. Grid(More)
UNLABELLED The intracellular environment of a cell hosts a wide variety of enzymatic reactions, diffusion events, molecular binding, polymerization and metabolic channeling. To transform these biological events into a computational framework, distinct modeling strategies are required. While currently no tool is capable of capturing all these events,(More)
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