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These days we are using some popular web search engines for information retrieval in all areas, such engine are as Google, Yahoo!, and Live Search, etc. to obtain initial helpful information. Which information we retrieved via search engine may not be relevant to the search target in the search engine user's mind. When user not found relevant information he(More)
In present era, one of the most important resources of computer machine is CPU. With the increasing number of application, there exist a large number of processes in the computer system at the same time. Many processes in system simultaneously raise a challenging circumstance of managing the CPU in such a manner that the CPU utilization and processes(More)
The word wide web is a rapidly going and changing information source. Its growth and change rate make the task of finding relevant information harder. With the dynamic nature of WWW, for a given query the set of relevant web pages web pages is also dynamic, it leads to problem of scalability the assumption of accurate sufficient static image of the web is(More)
In current epoch, the economic operation of micro-grid under soaring renewable energy integration has become a major concern in the smart grid environment. There are several meta-heuristic optimization techniques available under different categories in literature. One of the most difficult tasks in cost minimization of micro-grid is to select the best(More)
For incorporating syntactic and morphological information for English to Hindi statistical machine translation simple and computationally less exhaustive concepts are: (i) applying simple transformation rules on the English parse tree and (ii) by using a simple suffix separation, distributed morphological analysis and inflection addition. With only a small(More)
The extraction of text in an image is a classical problem in the computer vision. Extraction involves detection, localization, tracking, extraction, enhancement and recognition of the text from the given image. However variation of text due to difference in size, style, orientation, alignment, low image contrast and complex background make the problem of(More)
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