Paw Simesen

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We make use of an inhomogeneous electrostatic dipole field to impart a quantum-state-dependent deflection to a pulsed beam of OCS molecules, and show that those molecules residing in the absolute ground state, X(1)Σ(+), |00(0)0>, J = 0, can be separated out by selecting the most deflected part of the molecular beam. Past the deflector, we irradiate the(More)
Coherent local excitation of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) by second-harmonic generation (SHG) in individual aligned crystalline organic functionalized para-phenylene nanofibers deposited on a thin silver film is demonstrated. The SH-SPP generation is considered theoretically and investigated experimentally with angular-resolved leakage radiation(More)
Scanning second harmonic generation microscopy has been used to investigate crystallographic orientation of the grain structure in Al wire bonds in insulated gate bipolar transistor modules. It was shown that the recorded second harmonic microscopy images revealed the grain structure of the Al sample. Additional information of the individual grain(More)
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