Pavol Zilecky

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To properly account for a broad range of routechoice factors in bicycle route planning, a multi-criteria optimization framework is needed. Unfortunately, in contrast to other categories of routing problems, optimal multi-criteria search has not yet been developed for bicycle routing. In this paper, we address this gap and provide a multi-criteria(More)
Increasing the adoption of cycling is crucial for achieving more sustainable urban mobility. Navigating larger cities on a bike is, however, often challenging due to cities' fragmented cycling infrastructure and/or complex terrain topology. Cyclists would thus benefit from intelligent route planning that would help them discover routes that best suit their(More)
In brief, this license authorizes each and everybody to share (to copy, distribute and transmit) the work under the following conditions, without impairing or restricting the authors' moral rights: Attribution: The work must be attributed to its authors. OASIcs aims at a suitable publication venue to publish peer-reviewed collections of papers emerging from(More)
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