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A generalization of the spatially one-dimensional parallel pipeline algorithm for solution of the initial-boundary-value problem using explicit difference method to the two-dimensional case is presented. The suggested algorithm has been verified by implementation on a workstation-cluster running under PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine). Theoretical estimates of(More)
— For the past ten years, small hydropower plant (SHP) potential has been greatly affected by environmental legislation that falls under designated areas such as Natura 2000 and the Water Framework Directive. Everyone working in the hydropower field knows how many obstacles are put in the way of the implementation of a hydropower plant. One of the greatest(More)
In this paper, water sorption behavior of 28 days hardened composites based on hemp hurds and inorganic binder was studied. Two kinds of absorption tests on dried cube specimens in deionized water bath at laboratory temperature were performed. Short-term (after one hour water immersion) and long-term (up to 180 days) water absorption tests were carried out(More)
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