Pavol Klacansky

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Isosurfaces are fundamental geometrical objects for the analysis and visualization of volumetric scalar fields. Recent work has generalized them to bivariate volumetric fields with fiber surfaces, the pre-image of polygons in range space. However, the existing algorithm for their computation is approximate, and is limited to closed polygons. Moreover, its(More)
Understanding the temporal evolution of features of interest requires the ability to: (i) extract features from each snapshot; (ii) correlate them over time; and (iii) understand the resulting tracking graph. This paper provides new solutions for the last two challenges in the context of large-scale turbulent combustion simulations. In particular, we(More)
Tracing neurons in large-scale microscopy data is crucial to establishing a wiring diagram of the brain, which is needed to understand how neural circuits in the brain process information and generate behavior. Automatic techniques often fail for large and complex datasets, and connectomics researchers may spend weeks or months manually tracing neurons(More)
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