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A Platform for the Discovery of New Macrolide Antibiotics
The chemical modification of structurally complex fermentation products, a process known as semisynthesis, has been an important tool in the discovery and manufacture of antibiotics for the treatmentExpand
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Synthesis of macrocyclic natural products by catalyst-controlled stereoselective ring-closing metathesis
Many natural products contain a C = C double bond through which various other derivatives can be prepared; the stereochemical identity of the alkene can be critical to the biological activities ofExpand
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Crystallization Does It All: An Alternative Strategy for Stereoselective Aza-Henry Reaction.
An efficient and experimentally straightforward method for the stereoselective synthesis of a variety of β-nitro-α-amino carboxylic acids via aza-Henry (nitro-Mannich) reaction of aldimines isExpand
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Total synthesis of (-)-nakadomarin A.
A short and highly stereoselective synthesis of (-)-nakadomarin A has been developed using combinations of catalyst-controlled bond formations, one-pot multistep procedures, and powerfulExpand
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Total synthesis of manzamine A and related alkaloids.
Total syntheses of three structurally complex marine natural products, manzamine A, ircinol A, and ircinal A, are reported. The route pivoted on the construction of a late-stage protecting-group-freeExpand
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Efficient and selective formation of macrocyclic disubstituted Z alkenes by ring-closing metathesis (RCM) reactions catalyzed by Mo- or W-based monoaryloxide pyrrolide (MAP) complexes: applications
The first broadly applicable set of protocols for efficient Z-selective formation of macrocyclic disubstituted alkenes through catalytic ring-closing metathesis (RCM) is described. Cyclizations areExpand
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Strategies towards the synthesis of calyciphylline A-type Daphniphyllum alkaloids.
The Daphniphyllum alkaloids are a diverse family of natural products rich in number and structural diversity that have been known for many decades. However, the structurally unique subclass ofExpand
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Total synthesis of (-)-nakadomarin A.
A highly diastereoselective bifunctional organocatalyst controlled Michael addition, a nitro-Mannich/lactamization cascade, a furan N-acyliminium cyclisation, a sequential alkyne RCM/syn-reductionExpand
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Cyclic imine nitro-Mannich/lactamization cascades: a direct stereoselective synthesis of multicyclic piperidinone derivatives.
An efficient nitro-Mannich/lactamization cascade of gamma-nitro esters with cyclic imines for the preparation of architecturally complex multicyclic piperidinone ring-containing structures has beenExpand
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Gold and BINOL-Phosphoric Acid Catalyzed Enantioselective Hydroamination/N-Sulfonyliminium Cyclization Cascade
A highly enantioselective hydroamination/N-sulfonyliminium cyclization cascade is reported using a combination of gold(I) and chiral phosphoric acid catalysts. An initial 5-exo-dig hydroamination andExpand
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