Pavol Hlubik

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The frequency analysis (fast Fourier transformation) of heart rate variability follow-up during modified orthostatic test is the non-invasive method used to the evaluation of vegetative nervous system (NS) activity. There are only few data about the changes of the parameters in the groups with civilization diseases or with the presence of the risk factors(More)
The Czech Republic ranks among the countries with the highest prevalence of dyslipoproteinemia and cardiovascular diseases (CVD). As a valid tool in their primary prevention, the authors consider monitoring of selected components (including metal ions and vitamins) of the body's antioxidant system.The study was focused on monitoring the health condition of(More)
The nutritional status of a selected population--859 male members of the Fire Rescue Service from 12 districts in the Czech Republic--was assessed in 1997 and 1998. The study provides extensive information on selected anthropometrical and biochemical parameters, especially on those, which are generally used as risk indices for the origin and development of(More)
As a result of positive energetic balance of organism, there is a cumulation of an excessive energy in the adipose tissue. Adipose tissue repletion represents the main characteristic of obesity. The objective of our work was to perform the comparative study for the evaluation of selected noninvasive methods used for the determination of body composition. We(More)
The aim of the paper is to present results of our ongoing research focused on the influence of body hydration on the body impedance measurements and also on the influence of the frequency used for the measurement. The question is why to measure human body composition and if these values have beneficial results. First goal of the work deals with a question(More)
OBJECTIVES The work objective was to monitor nutritional habits in the observed group of professional soldiers with the focus on eating food with the content of antioxidant carriers. Then to show present state of health and nutrition in the group on the basis of anthropometric measurements and biochemical examinations and finally to observe the level of(More)
The authors present the results of an epidemiological study focused on monitoring selected anthropometric parameters which characterize the nutrition state. 933 volunteers altogether, in age group 19-60 years, were tested in the study. Anthropometric parameters such as weight, height, skinfold thickness and abdomen circumference were measured. BMI and fat(More)
This presentation characterizes some actual obesity problems and describes some treatment possibilities of obesity in the outpatient department. Obesity is a serious chronic disease. The prevalence of the obesity as one of the serious global problems is increasing in industrialized societies. Care for obese patients requires general approach including(More)
Interest in nutrition and food consumption in advanced countries has become an important instrument of active care for maintaining the population's health. Basic orientation in food composition and in topical knowledge about the effectiveness of individual nutrients in the human organism form an indispensable part of nutrition and health consciousness and(More)
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