Pavol Šimurka

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BACKGROUND Influenza vaccination in infants and children with existing health complications is current practice in many countries, but healthy children are also susceptible to influenza, sometimes with complications. The under-recognised burden of disease in young children is greater than in elderly populations and the number of paediatric influenza cases(More)
Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) is a viral neurological zoonotic disease transmitted to humans by ticks or by consumption of unpasteurized dairy products from infected cows, goats, or sheep. TBE is highly endemic in areas of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia where it is a major public health concern. However, it is difficult to diagnose TBE as clinical(More)
The surveillance study of rotavirus gastroenteritis at the University Teaching Hospital Trenčín area, Slovakia, during 2006–2011 confirmed that the genotype profile of circulating rotaviruses was not stable. While G1P[8] dominating genotype dropped from 75 to 7.3 % in the period 2009–2011, genotype G2P[4] that was not detected in 2009 raised to 45.1 % in(More)
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