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CONTEXT Previous randomized trials have suggested an association between radioiodine treatment for Graves' hyperthyroidism and thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy (TAO). OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to compare the occurrence of worsening or development of TAO in patients who were treated with radioiodine or antithyroid drugs. DESIGN We conducted a(More)
Twenty-five moderately exposed lead workers (mean blood-lead level 1.9 mumol/l) had lower plasma levels of follicle stimulating hormone than 25 individually matched controls without occupational lead exposure (blood-lead level 0.2 mumol/l). In addition, the ten most heavily exposed individuals had higher levels of thyroid stimulating hormone, and the 14(More)
Lipoprotein concentrations and activities of lipoprotein lipase (LPL) and hepatic lipase (HL) were measured in 70 subjects with thyroid function ranging from overt hypothyroidism over subclinical hypothyroidism and euthyroidism to hyperthyroidism. In parallel with serum T3 (S-T3) concentrations increasing from low in hypothyroidism to high in(More)
The possibility that norepinephrine stimulates basal but inhibits TSH-induced thyroid hormone secretion was explored by the use of in vivo and in vitro techniques. Basal thyroid hormone secretion was defined as TSH-independent secretion, experimentally obtained in vivo by pretreatment with T4 or T3. In mice pretreated with 125I and T4, norepinephrine(More)
Glucagon concentrations in the portal and peripheral venous blood were measured in 3 patients after an ordinary meal. A brief increase in glucagon concentration was found in the portal blood but not in the peripheral blood. As the glucose concentrations rose, the glucagon levels fell. The secretion of pancreatic glucagon therefore seems to depend largely on(More)
The effect of intra-arterially administered prostaglandin F2alpha(PGF2alpha) on venous demonstration in angiography of the superior mesenteric artery was compared to that of bradykinin in 10 patients, and the flow increase in this vessel following PGF2alpha was measured by a dye dilution technique in another 8 patients. The angiographic demonstration of(More)