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OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate the hypothesis that the adrenergic response of the intraventricular pressure difference (IVPD) is reduced in patients with preserved ejection fraction (EF) and diastolic dysfunction (DD). BACKGROUND In early diastole, there is a progressive IVPD extending from the left atrium (LA) to the left ventricular(More)
BACKGROUND The left ventricle fills in early diastole because of a progressive intraventricular pressure difference (IVPD) that extends from the left atrium to the left ventricular (LV). The aim of this study was to test the hypothesis that in patients with symptomatic heart failure (HF) regardless of LV ejection fraction (EF), an increase in left atrial(More)
Hyperpermeable tumor vessels are responsible for elevated interstitial fluid pressure and altered flow patterns within the tumor microenvironment. These aberrant hydrodynamic stresses may enhance tumor development by stimulating the angiogenic activity of endothelial cells lining the tumor vasculature. However, it is currently not known to what extent shear(More)
A prominent feature of gliding flight in snakes of the genus Chrysopelea is the unique cross-sectional shape of the body, which acts as the lifting surface in the absence of wings. When gliding, the flying snake Chrysopelea paradisi morphs its circular cross-section into a triangular shape by splaying its ribs and flattening its body in the dorsoventral(More)
For the left ventricle (LV) to function as an effective pump it must be able to fill from a low left atrial pressure. However, this ability is lost in patients with heart failure. We investigated LV filling by measuring the cardiac blood flow using 2D phase contrast magnetic resonance imaging and quantified the intraventricular pressure gradients and the(More)
OBJECTIVES this study evaluated early diastolic filling dynamics using a semiautomated objective analysis of filling velocities obtained from color M-mode echocardiography. BACKGROUND diastolic function can be evaluated from color M-mode echocardiography by measuring the early diastolic flow propagation velocity (Vp) from the slope of a single linear(More)
Type I collagen hydrogels have been used successfully as three-dimensional substrates for cell culture and have shown promise as scaffolds for engineered tissues and tumors. A critical step in the development of collagen hydrogels as viable tissue mimics is quantitative characterization of hydrogel properties and their correlation with fabrication(More)
A new mechanism for quantifying the filling energetics in the left ventricle (LV) and past mechanical heart valves (MHV) is identified and presented. This mechanism is attributed to vortex formation dynamics past MHV leaflets. Recent studies support the conjecture that the natural healthy left ventricle (LV) performs in an optimum, energy-preserving manner(More)
Normal left ventricular (LV) filling occurs rapidly early in diastole caused by a progressive pressure gradient within the ventricle and with a low left atrial pressure. This normal diastolic function is altered in patients with heart failure. Such impairment of diastolic filling is manifested as an abrupt deceleration of the early filling wave velocity.(More)
OBJECTIVES Phase-contrast magnetic resonance imaging can potentially assess the dynamics of left ventricular (LV) early diastolic filling. METHODS Fifteen participants underwent phase-contrast magnetic resonance imaging on a 1.5-T whole-body Avanto scanner (Siemens Healthcare, Erlangen, Germany). Left ventricular intracavitary velocities were measured in(More)