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Although widely accepted, the steric-blocking model of vertebrate skeletal muscle regulation has not been confirmed. Previous attempts to directly visualize tropomyosin in relaxed skeletal muscle and demonstrate that it interferes with the crossbridge-thin filament contractile cycle were unsuccessful. In the work reported here, tropomyosin was resolved in(More)
The in vivo structure of the myosin filaments in vertebrate smooth muscle is unknown. Evidence from purified smooth muscle myosin and from some studies of intact smooth muscle suggests that they may have a nonhelical, side-polar arrangement of crossbridges. However, the bipolar, helical structure characteristic of myosin filaments in striated muscle has not(More)
We have applied three-dimensional helical reconstruction techniques to images of myosin filaments of tarantula leg muscle obtained from rapidly frozen, freeze-substituted specimens. Computed Fourier transforms of filaments selected from longitudinal sections show up to six layer lines indexing on the 43.5-nm helical repeat of myosin crossbridges. The(More)
The article shows the effect of torsional rigidity of beam elements onto spatial work of bridges, floorings and other plate-ribbed systems It is shown that, in determining the torsional rigidity using existing methods it is necessary to have spatial spiral cracks, but torsional rigidity when normal cracks is not researched. A method is described for(More)
Education, when undertaken with a comprehensive and inclusive project of social justice and equity, is the great engine of national development. Education plays an important role in modern societies, both as an avenue of social mobility and as a tool for social reproduction. On the one hand, formal schooling can help children from disadvantaged backgrounds(More)
The article deals with the attempt to characterize the influence of writer's idiolect at work of art, to show the formation of the notion " idiostyle " in linguistics. Background A lot of researchers pay attention to the functioning of text categories and their linguistic expression, peculiarities of different styles texts. The studying of text is aimed at(More)
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