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Motivated by the problem of satellite gravity gradiometry, which is the reconstruction of the Earth gravity potential from the satellite data provided in the form of the second-order partial derivatives of the gravity potential at a satellite altitude, we discuss a special regularization technique for solving this severely ill-posed problem in a spherical(More)
Parameter choice strategies for least-squares approximation of noisy smooth functions on the sphere Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org) Abstract. We consider a polynomial reconstruction of smooth functions from their noisy values at discrete nodes on the unit sphere by a variant of the regularized least-squares method of An et al. As nodes we use the points of(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the risk associated with nocturnal hypoglycemia (NH) there are only a few methods aiming at the prediction of such events based on intermittent blood glucose monitoring data. One of the first methods that potentially can be used for NH prediction is based on the low blood glucose index (LBGI) and suggested, for example, in Accu-Chek®(More)
Approximation of the solution of an ill-posed spherical pseudo-differential equation at a given point Abstract This paper presents a method for approximating the solution of an ill-posed spherical pseudo-differential equation at a given point. The approximation is based on the regularized least-squares method of An et. al., We discuss an a posteriori(More)
Stable correlations between correction task characteristics and components of visual evoked potentials in response to light flash have been revealed. Faster task performance in males in comparison with females was established to be attained due to effective tuning and attuning of visual-motor system at the levels of specific and nonspecific systems related(More)
On the convergence rate and some applications of regularized ranking algorithms Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org) Abstract This paper studies the ranking problem in the context of the regularization theory that allows a simultaneous analysis of a wide class of ranking algorithms. Some of them were previously studied separately. For such ones, our analysis(More)
The intrasensory and sensor-effector interactions between inter-spike intervals of acoustic stem-evoked potentials with parameters of hands coordination was found with the help of correlation analysis. Role of excitation of ascending fibres of rostral part of the pons and lateral loop in mechanisms of the auditory-motor coordination was determined.(More)
Correlation analysis identified intrasensory and sensory-effector interactions of the interspike intervals of components of brainstem acoustic evoked potentials with measures of hand movement coordination. A role for the propagation of excitation via the ascending fibers of the rostral part of the pons and the lateral loop in the mechanisms of(More)