Pavle Mladenovic

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Results in the treatment of 5 patients with porphyria cutanea tarda by plasma exchange are presented. The procedure was applied every second or third day, 2-4 procedures in total. Saline solution, 5% or 12% albumin were used as plasma substitutes. The treatment lead to rapid fall in urine porphyrin level and improved clinical picture. The treatment was(More)
Let (Xn) be a strictly stationary sequence with a marginal distribution function F such that 1 − F (x) = x −α L(x), x > 0, where α > 0 and L(x) is a slowly varying function. We assume that only observations of (X n) are available at certain points. Under assumption of weak dependency we proved the consistency of Hill's estimator of the tail index α based on(More)
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