Pavla Rehorkova

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INTRODUCTION The rates of sensitivity and specificity of fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) for the diagnosis of thyroid malignancy differ considerably among various reported series. These values are influenced by three factors: (a) whether only clearly positive and negative results are considered, or whether the commonly encountered 10-20% of(More)
Elevated serum parathyroid hormone (PTH) level together with hypocalcemia in chronic kidney disease usually suggests secondary hyperparathyroidism. However, primary hyperparathyroidism should also be considered, especially if concomitant vitamin D deficiency is suspected. We report a case of parathyroid adenoma associated with hypocalcemia and metabolic(More)
Generalized osteoporosis, as one of the metabolic bone diseases, is often diagnosed in diabetics as late as after their first fracture. Alterations of bone metabolism should be therefore taken into account also in early stages of the basic disease. The risk of osteoporosis development is relatively high even in younger age groups of type 1 diabetics who(More)
One-hundred-ninety-seven osteopenic or osteoporotic patients registered at the University hospital osteology outpatient clinic during 1995-1999 and exposed to glucocorticoids were included in the cohort. Prevalence of glucocorticoid treatment (of all patients) was 12.4%. The patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis showed the greatest reduction in bone(More)
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