Pavla Dostalova

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We tested the effect of two different concentrations (150μg/l and 0.15μg/l) of mycotoxin zearalenone (ZEA) on the reproductive parameters and expression of testicular genes in male mice. In adult males, no reduction of body or reproductive organ weight was observed, and the seminiferous tubules were morphologically normal with ongoing spermatogenesis.(More)
BACKGROUND Mammalian sperm must undergo a series of controlled molecular processes in the female reproductive tract called capacitation before they are capable of penetrating and fertilizing the egg. Capacitation, as a complex biological process, is influenced by many molecular factors, among which steroidal hormone estrogens play their role. Estrogens,(More)
Estrogens play a crucial role in spermatogenesis and estrogen receptor α knock-out male mice are infertile. It has been demonstrated that estrogens significantly increase the speed of capacitation in vitro; however this may lead to the reduction of reproductive potential due to the decreased ability of these sperm to undergo the acrosome reaction. To date(More)
Tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA) is a substance widely used in industry as a flame retardant. TBBPA was found in the environment and was detected even in the human body. The effect of this chemical was observed in different cell lines in vitro and it is supposed that TBBPA may affect various hormonal systems in vivo. In this study we examined the effect of(More)
The crucial role that oestrogens play in male reproduction has been generally accepted; however, the exact mechanism of their action is not entirely clear and there is still much more to be clarified. The oestrogen response is mediated through oestrogen receptors, as well as classical oestrogen receptors' variants, and their specific co-expression plays a(More)
Previous investigations revealed that hypolipidaemic treatment of patients with IHD in the Czech Republic is inadequate. Patients after revascularization operations are discharged from cardiosurgical departments without suitable medication and moreover the values of the lipid spectrum are affected by the surgical intervention. The objective of the(More)
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