Pavlína Peikertová

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One approach for the enhancement of oral drug bioavailability is the technique of nanoparticle preparation. Risedronate sodium (Biopharmaceutical Classification System Class III) was chosen as a model compound with high water solubility and low intestinal permeability. Eighteen samples of risedronate sodium were prepared by the solvent evaporation technique(More)
This study aimed to evaluate the palatine tonsils of patients with chronic tonsillitis and spinocellular carcinoma to determine the presence of nano-sized particles. Tonsil samples from adult patients with chronic tonsillitis and spinocellular carcinoma of the palatine tonsil were dried and analyzed using a scanning electron microscope with the X-ray(More)
The paper addresses laboratory preparation and antibacterial activity testing of kaolinite/nanoTiO2 composite in respect of the daylight irradiation time. Kaolinite/nanoTiO2 composites with 20 and 40 wt% of TiO2 were laboratory prepared, dried at 105 °C and calcined at 600 °C. The calcination caused transformation of kaolinite to metakaolinite and(More)
This paper describes laboratory preparation, characterization and antibacterial activity testing of ZnO/kaoline composites. ZnO/kaoline composites with 50 wt.% of ZnO were laboratory prepared, dried at 105 °C and calcined at 500 °C. XRPD analysis revealed that thermal treatment caused the phase transformation of Zn containing precursor into ZnO. Scanning(More)
BACKGROUND Nanotechnology is receiving enormous funding. Very little however is known about the health dangers of this technology so far. Chronic tonsillitis is one of a number of diseases called idiopathic. Among other factors, the tonsils are exposed to suspended particles in inhaled air including nano particles. The objective of this study was to detect(More)
This study explores the inorganic composition of amniotic fluid in healthy human fetuses and fetuses with congenital malformation with a special attention to presence of metal-based solid particles. Amniotic fluid originates from maternal blood and provides fetus mechanical protection and nutrients. In spite of this crucial role, the environmental impact on(More)
Motor vehicle exhaust and non-exhaust processes play a significant role in environmental pollution, as they are a source of the finest particulate matter. Emissions from non-exhaust processes include wear-products of brakes, tires, automotive hardware, road surface, and traffic signs, but still are paid little attention to. Automotive friction composites(More)
Single and multilayer TiO₂ thin films coated on two types of soda-lime glass substrates (microscope slides and cylinders) were prepared by a chelating agent-assisted sol-gel method, using ethyl acetoacetate as a chelating agent, dip-coating and calcination at 500 °C for 2 h in air. Phase composition, microstructural, morphological and optical properties of(More)
The paper addresses laboratory preparation, characterization and in vitro evaluation of antibacterial activity of graphite/TiO2 nanocomposites. Composites graphite/TiO2 with various ratio of TiO2 nanoparticles (30wt.%, and 50wt.%) to graphite were prepared using a thermal hydrolysis of titanylsulfate in the presence of graphite particles, and subsequently(More)
Nanoparticles can be considered as a useful tool for improving properties of poorly soluble active ingredients. Hydrochlorothiazide (Class IV of the Biopharmaceutical Classification System) was chosen as a model compound. Antisolvent precipitation-solvent evaporation and emulsion solvent evaporation methods were used for preparation of 18 samples containing(More)