Pavithra Shivakumar

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Jejunal diverticulae are rare and usually asymptomatic, Jejunoileal diverticulae are generally thought to be acquired and are estimated to occur in 1-5% of the population of which only 10% developed complications which include diverticulitis, perforation, hemorrhage, enterolith formation and obstruction. We present a case of jejunal diverticulosis(More)
The ability to predict drug sensitivity in cancer is one of the exciting promises of pharmacogenomic research. Several groups have demonstrated the ability to predict drug sensitivity by integrating chemo-sensitivity data and associated gene expression measurements from large anti-cancer drug screens such as NCI-60. The general approach is based on(More)
gp120 is a subunit of the Env (viral envelope protein) of HIV-1. The protein consists of inner and outer domains linked by a bridging sheet. Several gp120 residues that bind the neutralizing antibody 17b as well as the cellular co-receptor CCR5 (CC chemokine receptor 5), are located in the bridging sheet. Peptides that mimic the 17b-binding regions of gp120(More)
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