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An Optimization Variant of Multi-Robot Path Planning Is Intractable
An optimization variant of a problem of path planning for multiple robots is addressed in this work. The task is to find spatial-temporal path for each robot of a group of robots such that each robotExpand
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A novel approach to path planning for multiple robots in bi-connected graphs
  • Pavel Surynek
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • IEEE International Conference on Robotics and…
  • 12 May 2009
This paper addresses a problem of path planning for multiple robots. An abstraction where the environment for robots is modeled as an undirected graph with robots placed in its vertices is used (thisExpand
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Search-Based Optimal Solvers for the Multi-Agent Pathfinding Problem: Summary and Challenges
Multi-agent pathfinding (MAPF) is an area of expanding research interest. At the core of this research area, numerous diverse search-based techniques were developed in the past 6 years for optimallyExpand
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Towards Optimal Cooperative Path Planning in Hard Setups through Satisfiability Solving
A novel approach to cooperative path-planning is presented. A SAT solver is used not to solve the whole instance but for optimizing the makespan of a sub-optimal solution. This approach is trying toExpand
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An Application of Pebble Motion on Graphs to Abstract Multi-robot Path Planning
  • Pavel Surynek
  • Computer Science
  • 21st IEEE International Conference on Tools with…
  • 2 November 2009
An abstraction of a problem of rearranging group of mobile robots is addressed in this paper (the problem of multi-robot path planning). The robots are moving in an environment in which they mustExpand
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An Improved Algorithm for Maintaining Arc Consistency in Dynamic Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Real world is dynamic in its nature, so techniques attempting to model the real world should take this dynamicity in consideration. A well known Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP) can be extendedExpand
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Efficient SAT Approach to Multi-Agent Path Finding Under the Sum of Costs Objective
In the multi-agent path finding (MAPF) the task is to find non-conflicting paths for multiple agents. In this paper we present the first SAT-solver for the sum-of-costs variant of MAPF which wasExpand
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The problem of cooperative path‐finding is addressed in this work. A set of agents moving in a certain environment is given. Each agent needs to reach a given goal location. The task is to findExpand
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Multi-Robot Path Planning
This chapter is devoted to a problem of path planning for multiple robots (Ryan, 2008; Surynek, 2010a). Consider a group of mobile robots that can move in some environment (for example in theExpand
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An Empirical Comparison of the Hardness of Multi-Agent Path Finding under the Makespan and the Sum of Costs Objectives
In the multi-agent path finding (MAPF) the task is to find non-conflicting paths for multiple agents. Recently, existing makespan optimal SAT-based solvers for MAPF have been modified for theExpand
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