Pavel Sturm

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Unit selection systems of speech synthesis offer good overall quality, but this may be countervailed by a sporadic and unpredictable occurrence of audible artifacts, such as discontinuities in F0 and the spectrum. Informal observations suggested that such breaks may have an effect on perceived vowel duration. This study therefore investigates the effect of(More)
This study addresses the acquisition of the English open front vowel by Czech learners of English, who are known to experience difficulties in both its production and perception. Secondary school students and university students of English judged the acceptability of the open front vowel as pronounced by other Czech learners of English. Their evaluations(More)
This study focuses on voicing assimilation across word boundaries in the speech of second language (L2) users. We compare native speakers of British English to speakers of two West Slavic languages, Czech and Slovak, which, despite their many similarities, differ with respect to voicing assimilation rules. Word-final voicing was analysed in 30 speakers,(More)
Czech represents a language with a high correlation between phonological and phonetic voicing, but the perception of the voicing contrast is supported by other phonetic correlates. We employed electropalatography (EPG) to investigate the articulatory correlates of the voicing contrast in phonated and whispered speech. Eight subjects read short sentences and(More)
There is no doubt that phonetics is nowadays a wellestablished research discipline with a long history of its existence. The success of the first phonetic congress held in 1932 in Amsterdam gave rise to a regular series of creative meetings of phoneticians and speech scientists from across various disciplines, presenting an opportunity for fruitful(More)
Despite the copious advances in acoustic techniques and devices for measuring and displaying acoustic parameters, a steady component of a phonetician’s scientific method remains to be – to this very day – our hearing. This paper therefore focuses on a historical device shared between acoustics and auditory phonetic analysis: Rudolph Koenig’s Grand(More)
Temporal characteristics of individual segments are affected by various global and local factors, such as tempo, syllable structure or position of a segment within the word. This has been shown for many languages, but since the general trends may be language specific, the present study investigates such effects for Czech. The material included 28 natural(More)
3-Aminopyrrolidines bearing acyl substituents on either nitrogen and N-acylated 1,4-diazabicyclo[3.2.1]octanes are potent microfilaricides in the Litomosoides carinii gerbil test system but have no effect on adult worms. The high activity of the pyrrolidine derivatives establishes that diethylcarbamazine (DEC) like antifilarial activity does not require(More)
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