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Website quality measurement tools have been largely static and have struggled to determine relevant attributes of user satisfaction. This study compares and contrasts attributes of user satisfaction based on usability guidelines seeking to identify practical easy-to-administer measurement tools. The website users assessed business school homepages according(More)
BACKGROUND This paper contributes to research in health systems literature by examining the role of health boards in hospital governance. Health care ranks among the largest public sectors in OECD countries. Efficient governance of hospitals requires the responsible and effective use of funds, professional management and competent governing structures. In(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this research is to explore the theoretical underpinnings of knowledge transfer within Japanese multinationals. To that end, a conceptual model of knowledge transfer within Japanese multinational companies and their overseas affiliates is proposed. Design/methodology/approach – In the first part, theoretical models of knowledge(More)
The impact of culture on consumer behaviour has been an important research area for decades. The rise of e-commerce prompted the importance of culturally-bound differences between websites. Web designers are compelled to adjust website development to the cultural characteristics of the target audience and to reflect local perspectives. The actual target(More)
The stewardship of premium automobile brands by the major multinational car manufacturers has been motivated by the latter's desire to profit from the luxury image ascribed to these brands – yet the design and production strategies adopted by these global firms run the risk of destroying the appeal of the luxury makes, indeed of turning them into(More)
The study compares and contrasts attributes of user perceived quality with information websites. It concerns a study of the formation of website quality, its nature and evolution based on the fulfillment of typical tasks. Based on empirical study based on 44 information websites, information value and navigation have been identified as key ingredients(More)
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