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The ability to perceive geomagnetic fields (GMFs) represents a fascinating biological phenomenon. Studies on transgenic flies have provided evidence that photosensitive Cryptochromes (Cry) are involved in the response to magnetic fields (MFs). However, none of the studies tackled the problem of whether the Cry-dependent magnetosensitivity is coupled to the(More)
In order to determine the age and sex dependency of some of the major risk factors for coronary heart disease during the period of sexual maturation a five-year longitudinal study was carried out on 105 boys and 133 girls living in Plzen, Czechoslovakia. Serum cholesterol was significantly elevated in 13-year-old girls (p less than 0.01), while no(More)
Alignment is a spontaneous behavioral preference of particular body orientation that may be seen in various vertebrate or invertebrate taxa. Animals often optimize their positions according to diverse directional environmental factors such as wind, stream, slope, sun radiation, etc. Magnetic alignment represents the simplest directional response to the(More)
The results of a prospective study of hepatitis B infections among the patients of a Chest Disease Hospital are reported. A thousand and sixteen patients admitted during the twelve months study period were screened for the Hepatitis B(Surface)-Antigen(HBsAg) on admission and during the stay and were kept under epidemiological surveillance for six months(More)