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In recent years, location-based services have become very popular, mainly driven by the availability of modern mobile devices with integrated position sensors. Prominent examples are points of interest finders or geo-social networks such as Facebook Places, Qype, and Loopt. However, providing such services with private user positions may raise serious(More)
—With the increasing adoption of private cloud in-frastructures by providers and enterprises, the monitoring of these infrastructures is becoming crucial. The rationale behind monitoring is manifold: reasons include saving energy, lowering costs, and better maintenance. In the e-Science sector, moreover, the collection of infrastructure and(More)
The success of location-based services is growing together with the diffusion of GPS-equipped smart devices. As a consequence, privacy concerns are raising year by year. Location privacy is becoming a major interest in research and industry world, and many solutions have been proposed for it. One of the simplest and most flexible approaches is obfuscation,(More)
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