Pavel Simonek

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The paper presents results of a long-term field study of the possible impact of Temelín NPP on the Vltava and Elbe Rivers. The study was divided into 2 stages: before and after the operation of the NPP. The main goal of the investigation before the operation (1989-2000) was to determine the background levels of radionuclides resulting from the tests of(More)
A near field study was set up to follow the effects of the Temelin nuclear power plant construction. Reference levels of artificial radionuclides were monitored in the Vltava River upper course and its tributaries in the period 1990-2001. Monitoring continued even after the waste water release startup during the pilot operation in 2002. The assessment of(More)
The paper summarizes impacts of the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) on the Vltava and Labe River basins. The study is based on the results of long-term monitoring carried out before the plant operation (1989-2000), and subsequently during the plant operation (2001-2005). In the first period, the main objective was to determine background radionuclide(More)
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