Pavel Simek

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Homeostatic mechanisms preventing the toxicity of free Zn ions in cells involve, among others, cytosolic Zn-binding ligands, particularly the cysteine-rich metallothioneins (MTs). Here we examined the Zn-binding peptides of Russula atropurpurea, an ectomycorrhizal fungus known for its ability to accumulate high amounts of Zn in its sporocarps. The Zn(More)
In our paper we discuss basic objectives, methods and results of the implementation of metadata harvesting from the journal Agris on-line. The international journal Agris on-line Papers in Economics and Informatics is a scholarly open access, blind peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, and fully reviewed scientific journal, which is published quarterly by the(More)
Knowledge-intensive processing of WWW information should be founded on clear and uniform conceptualisation. An integrated ontol-ogy covering diierent aspects of the WWW (documents, sites, network addressing, HTML code) has been laid down, upon which a knowledge base of the WWW domain is being built. This knowledge base should support \intelligent"(More)
The paper is focused on open data in regions from the users' perspective and presents the perceived usability of various public data sets in the Czech Republic. There were 265 data sources assessed by respondents according the format, suggestions of further use, number of views, and usability for citizens, businesses, officers and other users. Only 14(More)
Anotace Příspěvek prezentuje nezbytnost systémového řešení pro poskytování metadat lokálními archívy do centrálních repozitařů a jeho následnou realizaci Katedrou informačních technologií Provozně ekonomické fakulty České zemědělské univerzity v Praze pro potřeby agrárního WWW portálu AGRIS. Systém podporuje OAI-PMH (Open Archive Initiative – Protocol for(More)
Availability of regional information on the internet can be researched minimally in two levels: the local information resources and the nationwide information resources. The paper deals with the evaluation of the internet use in case of availability of regional information at the nationwide level. From realized inquiries it is also apparent that internet(More)
The Roma represents a transnational ethnic group, with a current European population of 8-10 million. The evolutionary process that had the greatest impact on the gene pool of the Roma population is called the founder effect. Renal hypouricemia (RHUC) is a rare heterogenous inherited disorder characterized by impaired renal urate reabsorption. The affected(More)
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