Pavel Shved

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The Linux Driver Verification system is designed for static analysis of the source code of Linux kernel space device drivers. In this paper, we describe the architecture of the verification system, including the integration of third-party tools for static verification of C programs. We consider characteristics of the Linux drivers source code that are(More)
BLAST is an open-source static verification tool used in checking safety properties of C programs. Given a C program with several assertions, which should not fail at runtime, BLAST statically analyzes the program, and either returns a program execution path that leads to violation of one of the assertions, or proves that no assertion is violated. If BLAST(More)
The BLAST static verification tool is one of the open-source verifiers of software written in C. The paper describes principles of BLAST implementation, the limitations revealed in the course of its practical use in the verification of the Linux operating system drivers, and an attempt to improve BLAST in the framework of the Linux Driver Verification (LDV)(More)
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