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Effects of light intensity, nitrogen availability, and inoculum density on growth and the content of esterified fatty acids (FA), chlorophylls, and carotenoids in Desmodesmus sp. 3Dp86E-1 chlorophyte alga isolated from the White Sea hydroid Dynamena pumila L. were investigated. The growth of algae in the complete BG-11 medium was not limited by irradiances(More)
Consider the classical stabilizing state feedback design in the linear dynamical system ˙ x = Ax + Bu, subject to performance specifications with an additional requirement that the control input vector u = Kx has as many zero entries as possible. Here, x = x(t) ∈ R n is the vector of phase variables, u ∈ R m , m < n, and A, B, K are constant matrices of(More)
The growth and biomass accumulation of three microalgal strains of Desmodesmus (Scenedesmaceae, Chlorophyceae), 1Рm66В, 2Cl66E, and 3Dp86Е-1, isolated from the White Sea benthic invertebrates were studied under conditions of batch culture in different standard media (BG-11, Prat, Goldberg, Gromov, Tamiya, artificial seawater) and modified media. The culture(More)
It is well known that input-free stable linear systems with nonzero initial conditions may experience large deviations of the trajectory from the origin prior to converging to zero. Analysis of the transients of discrete-time systems is the subject of this paper. Simple LMI-based upper bounds on deviations are presented, and the same-flavor stabilizing(More)
Malfunctions of central hemostasis chains, activation of blood coagulation systems and decreased antithrombogenic potentials of vascular walls are typical of craniocerebral trauma at exacerbation. It provokes the onset of the DIC-syndrome in 98.8% of examinees; the below signs are observed in such condition: decreased platelet resistance of vascular walls,(More)
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