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Effects of light intensity, nitrogen availability, and inoculum density on growth and the content of esterified fatty acids (FA), chlorophylls, and carotenoids in Desmodesmus sp. 3Dp86E-1 chlorophyte alga isolated from the White Sea hydroid Dynamena pumila L. were investigated. The growth of algae in the complete BG-11 medium was not limited by irradiances(More)
Consider the classical stabilizing state feedback design in the linear dynamical system ˙ x = Ax + Bu, subject to performance specifications with an additional requirement that the control input vector u = Kx has as many zero entries as possible. Here, x = x(t) ∈ R n is the vector of phase variables, u ∈ R m , m < n, and A, B, K are constant matrices of(More)
I T is well-established that numerous problems in control systems involve the use of positive polynomials, i.e., multi-variate polynomials that take only positive values over a domain of interest. Indeed, constraint satisfaction is equivalent to the positivity of a suitable function, as well as performance computation amounts to determining the best(More)
The growth and biomass accumulation of three microalgal strains of Desmodesmus (Scenedesmaceae, Chlorophyceae), 1Рm66В, 2Cl66E, and 3Dp86Е-1, isolated from the White Sea benthic invertebrates were studied under conditions of batch culture in different standard media (BG-11, Prat, Goldberg, Gromov, Tamiya, artificial seawater) and modified media. The culture(More)
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