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Investigations of intact dental enamel as well as carious-affected human dental enamel were performed using infrared spectromicroscopy and X-ray diffraction applying synchrotron radiation. Caries of enamel was shown to be characterized by an increase in the number of deformation and valence vibrations for N-C-O, N-H and C=O bonds, a decrease of the(More)
Automatic extraction of information about authors of texts (gender, age, psychological type, etc.) based on the analysis of linguistic parameters has gained a particular significance as there are more online texts whose authors either avoid providing any personal data or make it intentionally deceptive despite of it being of practical importance in(More)
Authorship profiling which is a process of the extraction of information about the unknown autohr of a text (demographics, psychological traits, et al.) based on the analysis of linguistic parameters, is a problem of great importance. Research in authorship profiling has always been constrainted by the limited availability of training data since collecting(More)
The aim of the paper is to study phase transformations in solid tissues of the human teeth during the development of fissure caries by Raman and fluorescence microspectroscopy. The study of the areas with fissure caries confirmed the assumption of the formation of a weak interaction between phosphate apatite enamel and organic acids (products of(More)
RELEVANCE One of the most common problems in modern caries prevention is the development of techniques to increase tooth resistance to the effects of cariogenic factors. Therefore, research is needed to study the chemical composition of tissues like teeth and body fluids surrounding the tooth to prevent demineralization process. The purpose of determining(More)
It is established that ion exchange resins AV-17-2P, KU-2, AV-16-GS, AM 21A, IMAC-HP, PUROLITE and fiber VION KN-1 can be applied as carriers for inulinase immobilization. The analysis of IR spectra for an enzyme, carriers and heterogeneous enzyme preparations showed that inulinase binding to matrices of various carriers occurs in general through(More)
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