Pavel S. Marinushkin

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The present article provides a theoretical and experimental research of piezoelectric gyroscopes based on the flexural vibrating modes of hollow piezoelectric cylinders. For different geometries, modal and harmonic analyses are conducted using ANSYS finite element software package. The sensitivity of piezoelectric gyroscopes and its correlation with(More)
This paper describes the features of designing a MEMS-based non-orthogonal redundant inertial measurement unit for miniature navigation systems. With the aim of increasing the reliability and accuracy of motion parameters estimation considered, the inertial measurement unit in the form of a truncated regular tetragonal pyramid, at the sides of which(More)
The performance of a piezoelectric vibratory gyroscope has been studied in various temperature conditions by means of the modified analytical model. Influence of temperature on the scale factor, sensitivity and shift of the operating frequency of the gyroscope has been shown. The results of modelling allow increasing accuracy and overall performance of a(More)
This paper describes the shoe-mounted MEMS-based system enabling pedestrian attitude estimation. Despite the large amount of publications devoted to pedestrian navigation, development of the accurate pedestrian attitude estimation system is still quite challenging. Such system can be useful in GPS-denied environments for emergency services and military(More)
Employing the redundant number of inertial MEMS sensors is a promising line of pedestrian positioning technologies development offering a great potential in reliability, measurement accuracy and low level of noise. For this reason the article considers the design and realization features of a miniature pedestrian navigation system implementing this(More)
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