Pavel Rojtberg

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We present a first system to semi-automatically create a visual representation for a given, short text. We first parse the input text, decompose it into suitable units, and construct meaningful search terms. Using these search terms we retrieve a set of candidate images from online photo collections. We then select the final images in a user-assisted(More)
Although AR has a long history in the area of maintenance and service-support in industry, there still is a lack of lightweight, yet practical solutions for handheld AR systems in everyday workflows. Attempts to support complex maintenance tasks with AR still miss reliable tracking techniques, simple ways to be integrated into existing maintenance(More)
Augmented Reality is maturing, but in a world where we are used to straightforward services on the internet, Augmented Reality applications require a lot of preparation before they can be used. Our approach shows how we can bring Augmented Reality into a normal web browser, or even browsers on mobile devices. We show how we are, with recent features of(More)
We connect X3D to the state of the art OGRE renderer using our prototypical x3ogre implementation. At this we perform a comparison of both on a conceptual level, highlighting similarities and differences. Our implementation allows swapping X3D concepts for OGRE concepts and vice versa. We take advantage of this to analyse current shortcomings in X3D and(More)
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