Pavel Ponomarev

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A high power density integrated non-overlapping concentrated tooth winding synchronous machine with embedded permanent magnets for a hydraulic motor-pump is designed. Direct liquid cooling with the working fluid itself is implemented. Aspects of immersing the motor into hydraulic oil for cooling purposes are discussed. FEM modelling of PM eddy-current(More)
—Analytical calculation methods for all the major components of the synchronous inductance of tooth-coil permanent-magnet synchronous machines are reevaluated in this paper. The inductance estimation is different in the tooth-coil machine compared with the one in the traditional rotating field winding machine. The accuracy of the analytical torque(More)
This paper investigates the effectiveness of direct oil cooling of a PMSM by modeling flows of coolant inside the machine using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software. Conjugated fluid-solid heat transfer modeling with anisotropic conductivity coefficients in solids and turbulent fluid flow was performed. The detailed flow modeling allows precise(More)
The effect of the specific growth rate and limiting gas on the concentration of cells, the rate of gas utilization, and the economic coefficients was studied during continuous cultivation of Hydrogenomonas eutropha Z-1. Cell concentrations as functions of the specific growth rate with limitation by H2, 02, and CO2, were plotted as hyperbolae and were linear(More)
Fractional slot permanent magnet synchronous machines with non-overlapping winding (FSPMSM) also known as tooth coil winding permanent synchronous machines (TCW PMSM) have gained intensive attention during the latest decade. Therefore, their design methods are constantly developed and improved. Numerical solution, i.e. finite element analysis (FEA), is(More)
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