Pavel Neuzil

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We have designed, fabricated and tested a real-time PCR chip capable of conducting one thermal cycle in 8.5 s. This corresponds to 40 cycles of PCR in 5 min and 40 s. The PCR system was made of silicon micromachined into the shape of a cantilever terminated with a disc. The thin film heater and a temperature sensor were placed on the disc perimeter. Due to(More)
Near-field photodetection optical microscopy (NPOM) is a fundamentally new approach to near-field optical microscopy. This scanning-probe technique uses a nanometer-scale photodiode detector as a near-field optical probe. We have fabricated probes for NPOM that have optically sensitive areas as small as 100 nm x 100 nm. These new NPOM probes have been(More)
Since its invention in 1985 the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) has become a well-established method for amplification and detection of segments of double-stranded DNA. Incorporation of fluorogenic probe or DNA intercalating dyes (such as SYBR Green) into the PCR mixture allowed real-time reaction monitoring and extraction of quantitative information(More)
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