Pavel Minarík

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Malate dehydrogenases (MDH, L-malate:NAD oxidoreductase, EC, catalyze the NAD/NADH-dependent interconversion of the substrates malate and oxaloacetate. This reaction plays a key part in the malate/aspartate shuttle across the mitochondrial membrane, and in the tricarboxylic acid cycle within the mitochondrial matrix. They are homodimeric molecules(More)
We have constructed three mutants in the thioredoxin (trxA) gene changing its catalytic core between Cys-32 and Cys-35. Oligonucleotide-directed mutagenesis was carried out to replace conservative Gly-33 or Pro-34 by leucine, lysine, glutamine, phenylalanine or tryptophane. The mutants were characterized using an in vivo assay based on the ability of cell(More)
This paper describes the novel network-based approach to a dictionary attack detection with the ability to recognize successful attack. We analyzed SSH break-in attempts at a flow level and determined a dictionary attack pattern. This pattern was verified and compared to common SSH traffic to prevent false positives. The SSH dictionary attack pattern was(More)
We present a multi-agent system designed to detect malicious traffic in high-speed networks. In order to match the performance requirements related to the traffic volume, the network traffic data is acquired by hardware accelerated probes in NetFlow format and preprocessed before processing by the detection agent. The proposed detection algorithm is based(More)
We present an approach to network devices behavior profiling based on NetFlow monitoring and a bidirectional flows extension. Behavior profiles of network devices typically focus on communicating peers, amount of traffic and traffic structure. However, using an implementation of the bidirectional flows standard we are able to distinguish between servers,(More)
We present a prototype of agent-based intrusion detection system designed for deployment on high-speed backbone networks. The main contribution of the system is the integration of several anomaly detection techniques by means of collective trust modeling within a group of collaborative detection agents, each featuring a specific detection algorithm. The(More)
This paper presents a study of successful dictionary attacks against a SSH server and their network-based detection. On the basis of experience in the protection of university network we developed a detection algorithm based on a generic SSH authentication pattern. Thanks to the network-based approach, the detection algorithm is host independent and highly(More)
This demo demonstrates results of a joint research project of CESNET and INVEA-TECH focused on 100 GbE network flow monitoring using FPGA. It shows, to the best of our knowledge, the first flow monitoring setup capable of handling fully saturated 100 G Ethernet line. We present COMBO-CG card that provides accurate timestamps for high-resolution traffic(More)