Pavel Machek

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A new focusing spectrometer employing Johann geometry has been built and permanently installed at the wiggler beamline W1 at the Hamburger Synchrotron Strahlungslabor (HASYLAB) am Deutschen Elektronen Synchrotron (DESY). It is now available for user operation. The design of the spectrometer is optimized for the use of a large source spot size at the DORIS(More)
The pre-peak in the x-ray-absorption near-edge structure ~XANES! of CuFeS2 is studied by exploring the associated photoelectron probability density as well as by investigating the cluster size effect. All significant features of the Cu, Fe, and S K-edge experimental spectra and of the S L2,3-edge spectrum are successfully reproduced by the real-space(More)
Direct inversion of resonant inelastic x-ray scattering spectra RIXSS has been carried out using a numerical method for solving first-kind Fredholm integral equations. Hereby, the oscillator strength distribution OSD , which is proportional to the empty density of states at the absorption edge, has been obtained from the experimental Cu 1s2p RIXSS of CuO.(More)
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