Pavel M. Gotovtsev

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A review of modern works on the creation of biotechnological processes using cells immobilized on different carriers is presented. General material requirements are given for for immobilization mainly performed by absorption and mechanical fixation methods. The results of studies on cell immobilization are considered, and an analysis of the materials and(More)
This paper gives a breath overview of application of several biotechnologies in smart city and the ways of its inclusion in internet of things. Biosensors for environmental control local biological water treatment systems and photobioreactors for building a discussed as a part of internet of things. Brief overview of future biotechnology that can find(More)
A review of current work in biodiesel production via enzymatic catalysis has been done. The parameters of the process as determined by laboratories are represented and analyzed. The main factors affecting interesterification are considered. The major types of oils and alcohols used in biodiesel synthesis are listed. The means of lipase enzyme(More)
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