Pavel Levin

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Many biomolecular systems depend on orderly sequences of chemical transformations or reactions. Yet, the dynamics of single molecules or small-copy-number molecular systems are significantly stochastic. Here, we propose state sequence analysis--a new approach for predicting or visualizing the behaviour of stochastic molecular systems by computing maximum(More)
We describe our recently developed neural machine translation (NMT) system and benchmark it against our own statistical machine translation (SMT) system as well as two other general purpose online engines (statistical and neural). We present automatic and human evaluation results of the translation output provided by each system. We also analyze the effect(More)
While some remarkable progress has been made in neural machine translation (NMT) research, there have not been many reports on its development and evaluation in practice. This paper tries to fill this gap by presenting some of our findings from building an in-house travel domain NMT system in a large scale E-commerce setting. The three major topics that we(More)
Many critically ill adults are unable to communicate their pain through self-report. The study purpose was to validate the use of the 8-item Behavior Pain Assessment Tool (BPAT) in patients hospitalized in 192 intensive care units from 28 countries. A total of 4812 procedures in 3851 patients were included in data analysis. Patients were assessed with the(More)
The hormone oxytocin (OT) is of particular interest in the study of childbearing women, as it has a role in the onset and course of labor and breastfeeding. Recent research has linked OT to maternal caregiving behavior towards her infant, and to postpartum depressive symptomatology. There is also evidence that psychosocial adversity affects the oxytocin(More)
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