Pavel Krtouš

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The scalar and electromagnetic fields produced by the geodesic and uniformly accelerated discrete charges in de Sitter spacetime are constructed by employing the conformal relation between de Sitter and Minkowski space. A special attention is paid to new effects arising in spacetimes which, like de Sitter space, have spacelike conformal infinities. Under(More)
In [Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 061102 (2007)], we announced the complete integrability of geodesic motion in the general higher-dimensional rotating black-hole spacetimes. In the present paper we prove all the necessary steps leading to this conclusion. In particular, we demonstrate the independence of the constants of motion and the fact that they Poisson(More)
We explicitly exhibit n-1=[D/2]-1 constants of motion for geodesics in the general D-dimensional Kerr-NUT-AdS rotating black hole spacetime, arising from contractions of even powers of the 2-form obtained by contracting the geodesic velocity with the dual of the contraction of the velocity with the (D-2)-dimensional Killing-Yano tensor. These constants of(More)
We analyze the directional properties of general gravitational, electromagnetic, and spin-s fields near conformal infinity I. The fields are evaluated in normalized tetrads which are parallelly propagated along null geodesics which approach a point P of I. The standard peelingoff property is recovered and its meaning is discussed and refined. When the(More)
The scalar and electromagnetic fields of charges uniformly accelerated in de Sitter spacetime are constructed. They represent the generalization of the Born solutions describing fields of two particles with hyperbolic motion in flat spacetime. In the limit Lambda-->0, the Born solutions are retrieved. Since in the de Sitter universe the infinities I+/- are(More)
The directional behavior of dominant components of algebraically special spin-s fields near a spacelike, timelike or null conformal infinity is studied. By extending our previous general investigations we concentrate on fields which admit a pair of equivalent algebraically special null directions, such as the Petrov type D gravitational fields or(More)
The C-metric is one of few known exact solutions of Einstein’s field equations which describes the gravitational field of moving sources. For a vanishing or positive cosmological constant, the C-metric represents two accelerated black holes in asymptotically flat or de Sitter spacetime. For a negative cosmological constant the structure of the spacetime is(More)
The basic properties of the C-metric are well known. It describes a pair of causally separated black holes which accelerate in opposite directions under the action of forces represented by conical singularities. However, these properties can be demonstrated much more transparently by making use of recently developed coordinate systems for which the metric(More)
We present a characterization of general gravitational and electromagnetic fields near de Sitter-like conformal infinity which supplements the standard peeling behavior. This is based on an explicit evaluation of the dependence of the radiative component of the fields on the null direction from which infinity is approached. It is shown that the directional(More)
Marco Cariglia1,∗, Pavel Krtouš2,∗∗, and David Kubizňák3,∗∗∗ 1 Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, ICEB, Departamento de Fı́sica. Campus Morro do Cruzeiro, Morro do Cruzeiro, 35400-000 – Ouro Preto, MG – Brasil 2 Institute of Theoretical Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, V Holešovičkách 2, Prague, Czech Republic 2 Perimeter(More)