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Exact Correlation Functions for Dual-Unitary Lattice Models in 1+1 Dimensions.
It is shown that for this class of circuits, generically nonintegrable, one can compute explicitly all dynamical correlations of local observables and this result is exact, nonpertubative, and holds for any dimension d of the local Hilbert space.
Entanglement Spreading in a Minimal Model of Maximal Many-Body Quantum Chaos
The spreading of entanglement in out-of-equilibrium quantum systems is currently at the center of intense interdisciplinary research efforts involving communities with interests ranging from
Exact Spectral Form Factor in a Minimal Model of Many-Body Quantum Chaos.
It is shown that the self-dual cases provide a minimal model of many-body quantum chaos, where the spectral form factor is demonstrated to match RMT for all values of the integer time variable t in the thermodynamic limit.
Many-Body Quantum Chaos: Analytic Connection to Random Matrix Theory
A new theory explains observed connections between the thermal phase in many-body quantum systems and random matrix theory, paving the way to a deeper understanding of this phase.
Operator Entanglement in Local Quantum Circuits I: Chaotic Dual-Unitary Circuits
The entanglement in operator space is a well established measure for the complexity of quantum many-body dynamics. In particular, that of local operators has recently been proposed as dynamical chaos
Correlations in Perturbed Dual-Unitary Circuits: Efficient Path-Integral Formula
Interacting many-body systems with explicitly accessible spatio-temporal correlation functions are extremely rare, especially in the absence of integrability. Recently, we identified a remarkable
Time-dependent correlation functions in open quadratic fermionic systems
We formulate and discuss the explicit computation of dynamic correlation functions in open quadratic fermionic systems which are driven and dissipated by Lindblad jump processes that are linear in
Quantum spin liquid ground states of the Heisenberg-Kitaev model on the triangular lattice
We study quantum disordered ground states of the two-dimensional Heisenberg-Kitaev model on the triangular lattice using a Schwinger boson approach. Our aim is to identify and characterize potential
Polymerization of Low-Entangled Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene: Analytical Model and Computer Simulations
We developed a theoretical model of linear ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) homogeneous polymerization. We considered polymerization to be living and occurring in a poor solvent. We...
Random Matrix Spectral Form Factor of Dual-Unitary Quantum Circuits
We investigate a class of local quantum circuits on chains of d−level systems (qudits) that share the so-called ‘dual unitarity’ property. In essence, the latter property implies that these systems