Pavel Konovalov

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Classically, the slow force response (SFR) of myocardium refers to slowly developing changes in cardiac muscle contractility induced by external mechanical stimuli, e.g. sustained stretch. We present evidence for an intra-myocardial SFR (SFR(IM)), caused by the internal mechanical interactions of muscle segments in heterogeneous myocardium. Here we study(More)
It is well-known that Ca²⁺ overload in cardiomyocytes may underlie arrhythmias. However, the possible contribution of mechanical factors to rhythm disturbances in Ca²⁺ overloaded myocytes has not been sufficiently investigated. We used a mathematical model of the electrical and mechanical activity of cardiomyocytes to reveal an essential role of the(More)
Aims and method We examined non-medical use (NMU) of olanzapine among adults on methadone treatment. Information was collected on patient demographics and NMU of olanzapine. The Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST) was administered to assess risk among current users of olanzapine. Results Ninety-two clients participated and 30%(More)
The reflex effect on the heart and respiration of caffeine, strophantin, adrenalin and nitroglycerin was studied in conditions of perfusion of the humorally isolated femoral vein or of the whole frog's extremity. The impulse activity of the venous receptors was also registered. These substances act on the receptors of the isolated parts of the vein and(More)
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