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In a previous study, we demonstrated DNA damage, expressed as micronuclei, in binucleate dermal fibroblasts obtained from human skin 2-9 weeks after fractionated radiotherapy. Here we assessed micronuclei in X-irradiated skin fibroblasts from 9-14-week-old female Lewis rats as a function of time after a single dose of radiation to determine the lifetime of(More)
PURPOSE We assessed micronuclei in dermal fibroblasts as a local biodosimeter for estimating accidental in vivo radiation exposure. MATERIALS AND METHODS Male and female C3H/HeJ and C57Bl6 mice of four age groups (∼11, 36, 60 and 99 weeks) received a single whole body dose of gamma radiation (0-10 Gy) and radiation-induced micronuclei per 1,000(More)
PURPOSE Radioprotection and mitigation effects of the antioxidants, Eukarion (EUK)-207, curcumin, and the curcumin analogs D12 and D68, on radiation-induced DNA damage or lipid peroxidation in murine skin were investigated. These antioxidants were studied because they have been previously reported to protect or mitigate against radiation-induced skin(More)
Accurate biodosimetry is needed to estimate radiation doses received in vivo from accidental or unwarranted radiation exposures. We investigated the use of DNA repair foci (e.g. gamma-H2AX) at late times after irradiation in vivo as a biodosimeter of initial ionizing radiation dose. Two radiosensitive strains (SCID and BALB/c) and two radioresistant strains(More)
Heat acclimation of rats has been shown to enhance endurance of rat hearts to ischemic insult and acute heat stress. Common protective features have been shown to be operative during both these stress-inducing conditions. To explore the role of membrane lipid composition in the adaptive response, we analyzed two major parameters that impact membrane(More)
To establish the safety of using G-CSF in healthy PBSC donors, we prospectively determined the degree of DNA destabilization in peripheral blood WBC. Donors were treated with SC G-CSF for 5 days. A baseline sample of peripheral blood was collected before G-CSF treatment and consecutive samples were collected on day 5, 1 month, and 2 months after treatment.(More)
Micronuclei (MN) were assessed in dermal fibroblasts from C3H HeJ and C57 Bl6 mice (6-10 mo of age) irradiated in vivo as a potential method of biodosimetry. Radiation-induced MN [per 1,000 binucleated (BN) cells], assessed in fibroblasts obtained 1 d post-irradiation, increased in a dose-dependent manner in the range of 1 - 10 Gy per single dose. Analysis(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE To examine the radiosensitivity of skin cells obtained directly from the irradiated skin of patients undergoing fractionated radiation treatment prior to surgery for treatment of soft tissue sarcoma (STS) and to determine if there was a relationship with the development of wound healing complications associated with the surgery(More)
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