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Virions of Barley stripe mosaic virus (BSMV) were neglected for more than thirty years after their basic properties were determined. In this paper, the physicochemical characteristics of BSMV virions and virion-derived viral capsid protein (CP) were analyzed, namely, the absorption and intrinsic fluorescence spectra, circular dichroism spectra, differential(More)
Temperature-induced conformational changes of reduced and oxidized HspB1 crosslinked by disulfide bond between single Cys137 of neighboring monomers were analyzed by means of different techniques. Heating of reduced HspB1 was accompanied by irreversible changes of Trp fluorescence, whereas oxidized HspB1 underwent completely reversible changes of(More)
Potyviruses represent the most biologically successful group of plant viruses, but to our knowledge, this work is the first detailed study of physicochemical characteristics of potyvirus virions. We measured the UV absorption, far and near UV circular dichroism spectra, intrinsic fluorescence spectra, and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) melting(More)
158 Starting from 1961, two models for transformaa tion of the energy of oxidation reactions in mitoo chondria have been discussed in the literature. The model of Mitchell [1] implies that the multienzyme phosphorylation system can work in a dissociated form, while the other model (by Williams) considers a supercomplex [2]. We have earlier demonstrated that(More)
Investigation of the chaperonin encoded by gene 146 of bacteriophage EL Pseudomonas aeruginosa that we characterized earlier has been continued. To reveal the mechanism of its functioning, new recombinant substrate proteins, fragments of gene product (gp) 183 containing the lysozyme domain were prepared. Their interaction with gp146 was studied. The(More)
It has been shown by X-ray analysis that cores of coat proteins (CPs) from three potexviruses, flexible helical RNA-containing plant viruses, have similar α-helical structure. However, this similarity cannot explain structural lability of potexvirus virions, which is believed to determine their biological activity. Here, we used circular dichroism (CD)(More)
This data is related to our paper "Small molecules preventing GAPDH aggregation are therapeutically applicable in cell and rat models of oxidative stress" (Lazarev et al. [1]) where we explore therapeutic properties of small molecules preventing GAPDH aggregation in cell and rat models of oxidative stress. The present article demonstrates a few of(More)
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