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a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t We discuss the problem of counting vertices in Gelfand–Zetlin polytopes. Namely, we deduce a partial differential equation with constant coefficients on the exponential generating function for these numbers. For some particular classes of Gelfand–Zetlin poly-topes, the number of vertices can be given by explicit(More)
As a result of acetylcholine iontophoresis with different currents 3-fold increase of transmitter compared with the threshold one for reaction has been shown not to result in change of a type of reaction pattern more than in 80.3% of neurones. Such increase of action force is quite enough for the significant lengthening of the reaction excitatory components(More)
  • P A Gusev
  • 1995
A comparative analysis of the probability, directionality, and intensity of the changes in the average frequency of the baseline (BIA) and L-glutamate-induced (GlIA) and acetylcholine-induced (AChIA) impulse activity of individual neurons of the sensorimotor cortex of unanesthetized rats showed that the reactions to Gl are most variable; this is expressed(More)
The effect of muscarinic antagonist atropine on thickness of postsynaptic density of axodendritic synapses was studied in the sensorimotor region of the brain cortex of rats during paired repeated microapplication of glutamate and acetylcholine. In the applied conditioning paradigm atropine significantly decreased morphological dimensions of the(More)
  • P A Gusev
  • 1994
Comparative analysis of the probability, direction and magnitude of changes of the mean firing rates for the background and L-glutamate--(Glu) and acetylcholine--(ACh) induced activity of single sensorimotor cortical neurons of unanesthetized rats showed that more significant changes occurred in reaction to the applications of Glu. Increases of Glu-induced(More)
A morphometric investigation of various components of the synapses of neurons of the sensorimotor region of the cerebral cortex of rats with different variants of combined and uncombined repeated microiontophoretic application of glutamate and acetylcholine has been carried out. A substantial dependence of the character and expressivity of the(More)