Pavel Fomitchov

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An intrinsic multiplexed laser interferometer is presented that allows for the simultaneous detection of acoustic waves by an array of fiber-optic sensors. The phase-modulated signals from each sensor are demodulated by use of an adaptive two-wave mixing setup. The light from each sensing fiber in the array is mixed with a reference beam in a single(More)
Traditional confocal microscopy uses a physical aperture barrier to prevent out-of-focus light from reaching the detector. The physical nature of a conventional aperture limits control over the system confocality. We describe a new line scanning confocal microscope that eliminates a need for a physical aperture by employing a software-controllable rolling(More)
The Scanning Laser Source (SLS) technique described in this paper enables non-contact high-resolution imaging of damage in sandwich composite structures. In the SLS technique, ultrasound is generated using a pulsed YAG:Nd laser that is scanned over the structure to be inspected. Both conventional piezo-electric transducers and laser interferometers can be(More)
Fiber-optic photoacoustic sources for nondestructive testing and biomedical applications are described. The photoacoustic sources consist of a pulsed laser, a fiber-optic cable, and a generation head. The generation head is a miniature hermetically sealed chamber, which can be embedded into solid structures or immersed in liquid media. The face of the(More)
In this paper, we describe a fiber optic array sensor suitable for detection of bulk ultrasonic waves. This sensor is based on an intrinsic fiber optic Sagnac interferometer. The fiber array is formed by multiple folding of a continuous length of an optical fiber into flat coils. Depending on the orientation of the fiber array with respect to the ultrasonic(More)
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