Pavel Ershov

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There is increasing evidence that proteins function in the cell as integrated stable or temporally formed protein complexes, interactomes. Previously, using model systems we demonstrated applicability of direct molecular fishing on paramagnetic particles for protein interactomics (Ershov et al. Proteomics, 2012, 12, 3295). In the present study, we have used(More)
Isatin (indol-2,3-dione) is an endogenous non-peptide regulator exhibiting a wide range of biological and pharmacological activities, which are poorly characterized in terms of their molecular mechanisms. Identification of many isatin-binding proteins in the mammalian brain and liver suggests that isatin may influence their functions. We have hypothesized(More)
The present work demonstrates the potential applicability of additive manufacturing to X-Ray refractive nano-lenses. A compound refractive lens with a radius of 5 µm was produced by the two-photon polymerization induced lithography. It was successfully tested at the X-ray microfocus laboratory source and a focal spot of 5 μm was measured. An amorphous(More)
We describe an experimental approach for direct molecular fishing of prey protein on the surface of two types of paramagnetic particles (PMP) having different size and composition. Human microsomal cytochrome b(5) (b(5)) and its known partner human cytochrome P450 3A5 (CYP3A5) were used as bait and prey proteins, respectively. For assessing the level of(More)
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