Pavel Celeda

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Flow monitoring has become a prevalent method for monitoring traffic in high-speed networks. By focusing on the analysis of flows, rather than individual packets, it is often said to be more scalable than traditional packet-based traffic analysis. Flow monitoring embraces the complete chain of packet observation, flow export using protocols such as NetFlow(More)
With the widespread use of encrypted data transport network traffic encryption is becoming a standard nowadays. This presents a challenge for traffic measurement, especially for analysis and anomaly detection methods which are dependent on the type of network traffic. In this paper, we survey existing approaches for classification and analysis of encrypted(More)
The paper presents security platform based on agents as an efficient and robust solution for high-performance intrusion detection system designed for deployment on high-speed network links. The proposed detection algorithm is based on extension of trust modeling techniques with representation of uncertain identities, context representation and implicit(More)
This paper presents an agent-based e-Learning platform which allows the interaction between users and e-Learning Web sites, providing students with useful suggestions about the available educational resources. In traditional agentbased e-Learning systems, each student is supported by a student agent that interacts with a site agent associated to an(More)
The interconnection of building automation and control system networks to public networks has exposed them to a wide range of security problems. This paper provides an overview of the flow data usability to detect security issue in these networks. The flow-based monitoring inside automation and control networks is a novel approach. In this paper, we(More)
This paper proposes a framework for a flow-based network traffic monitoring of building automation and control networks. Current approaches to monitor special environment networks are limited to checking accessibility and a state of monitored devices. On the other hand, current generation of flow-based network monitoring tools focuses only on the IP(More)